Last Tuesday, I was thinking about the choice of the subject of this blog post. My 212nd article ! I was confused, considering several aspects like technological innovation, the benchmarking of a tourism destination, or Uptime, the new Google’s tool to watch videos together, or even Messenger Day, the new app of Facebook. This app enables to prepare the day ahead with your community according to your mood and schedule, with ephemeral aspect forces : photos and videos (which can be embellished with lots of options) published with this feature, only visible for 24 hours.

Uptime ?

Messenger day ?

By the way : Hemingwayapp !

But finally, it is the publishing tool Hemingwayapp, in reference to the great writer who uses short sentences (he is a reference and in the genre, I prefer Raymond Carver), which has retained my interest. I’m not fluent in English, so I stop there this exercise, which makes this article the shortest of my long production in this blog. But anyway, I find this editor is perfect to learn how to go straight to the point. Good production folks !

And the result is… to long. I just have to start again.

A great tool to save time !